ACTIA plays an active role
in international cooperation


Christophe Cotillon (Actia)

Tél: +33 (0)1 44 08 86 15

Through its support and technical coordination activities at the French and European levels, Actia is a key partner in the field of international cooperation, contributing to the sustainable development of the agri-food industry worldwide.


Actia and its Centres support corporate activities and the establishment of research-industry technical and interface centres by providing services in the following fields:

Technological development

Via their application laboratories, technological facilities, analysis laboratories and documentation centres.

Advice and expertise

By performing assessments in fields such as health, quality, environment, industrial performance, etc., and studies of feasibility, technico-economic performance, choice of equipment and the optimisation of processes.

Training courses

Intended for all categories of staff in companies and technical centres, these courses allow for the transfer of expertise, which facilitates the improvement of technical knowledge in all sectors and disciplines of the agri-food industry.


Actia can provide support in the coordination of projects, the search for partners and financing. Its actions are carried out in close collaboration with organisations such as Adepta, Ubifrance, Cirad, Unido and the European Union.