Contract of agreed objectives

Seven cross-disciplinary objectives

Strengthen the efficiency of ACTIA and its network.

Enhance the capitalization of skills ITAI and network promoting partnerships with research and tertiary education.

Develop and ACTIA and ITAIs in research area and agro-food industries of Europe.

Engage the expertise of ACTIA and ITAIs to support the government and professionals in France and Europe.

Increase missions of innovation and transfer of ACTIA and ITAIs strengthening partnerships with structures involved in innovation (Ania, Aria, Coop de France, BPIFrance, Ademe, Food competitiveness clusters...).

Even better disseminate and transfer results to enterprises, in particular SMEs.

Anticipate the changing patterns of consumption and production in order to translate them into solutions.

Four thematic objectives

Food companies face the challenge of sustainable food production with a comprehensive and integrated vision of sustainability, according to the three dimensions that are associated with: economic efficiency, social equity and environmental protection . In a matrix approach, sustainability is available in four thematic objectives:

- Ensure food safety and provide consumer confidence.
- Increase the added value of food by developing their qualities in a reasoned compromise approach.
- Develop business competitiveness.
- Integrate the conditions for sustainable development.