Researchers, engineers and technicians
in proximity to companies

Thanks to their positioning at the intersection between the research and business sectors and interprofessional and institutional bodies, Actia Centres play a key role in ensuring that supply conforms to the demand from stakeholders in the food industry.

In a market whose needs have evolved significantly in recent years, Actia Centres provide pertinent responses to the requirements of SMEs because their engineers and technicians are close to companies.

Close regionally, with 80 sites in France.


Close with regard to products, due to their interventions in all sectors of the food industries, and in the non-food promotion of agricultural products (biotechnology, fine chemistry, cosmetics and pharmacy).

Close technologically, due to their mastery of all traditional and innovative technologies applied to the food industries or transferred from other sectors.


Close in their core business, SME's at the service of SMEs, engineers and technicians working together, companies and Actia Centres share the same challenges concerning product quality and industrial development.


Close at the European and international levels. By participating in numerous networks, Actia Centres support SMEs in their European research projects and intervene in individual and collective development actions on the export market