Le conseil scientifique et technique

President : professeur Frédéric Debeaufort, university of Bourgogne

The Conseil scientifique et technique (Scientific and Technical Council) is an independent scientific and strategic evaluation and guidance body consisting of experts in public and industrial research in addition to the chairmen of scientific councils of Technical institutes.


In addition, without being members, representatives of the French State (ministries responsible for Food, Research and Industry), and representatives of Acta and BPI France are systematically invited to attend Council meetings on a consultative basis.


Contributes, in application of the Loi d’orientation agricole (French Framework Law on Agriculture), to the elaboration of the Contract of Agreed Objectives between Actia and the ministry responsible for Food, in addition to its implementation and the evaluation of its results.


Evaluates, on behalf of the ministry, applications for qualification as an Institut technique agro-industriel (Food technological institute), approval as a unité mixte technologique (Joint Technological Unit) or a réseau mixte technologique (Joint Technological Network), in addition to their performance indicators.

Proposes priority research policies to the Administrative Board, validates the major topics and evaluates the actions underway.


Supports Technical institutes in the definition of their scientific and technical policies and their partnerships.