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Actia set up the "Reference standards network", made up of specialists from Actia Centres, in order to study and compare reference standards (IFS, BRC, BRC IoP) and certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO TS 22002, NF EN 15593), in terms of the requirements of the "hygiene package" legislation and the provisions of the Codex Alimentarius.


This "practical guide to the use of reference standards" is a decision support and improvement tool for companies. Through this guide, which comes in the form of a website, the authors attempted to meet professionals' expectations with a concise presentation of reference standards and certifications, in the form of specific sheets, comparative tables, and through case studies.


In order to help companies implement a “food safety culture”, the specialists of the Reference standards network have designed a guide presenting the history of the concept and its various components, enabling companies to carry out self-assessment and identify areas for improvement to implement and promote this positive approach to food safety management.


food safety culture guide

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