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This is a collection of around 30 of Actia Centres' success stories, with and for food industry companies. They are not fairy tales or fables; they are fantastic success stories that bear witness to our engineers' and technicians' enthusiasm, creativity, perseverance, and sense of responsibility.

Individually and collectively, they illustrate the diversity of our Centres' work, both in their form and their nature. The first impression they may give is one of great diversification but, without being exhaustive, they reflect the wide range of services that Actia offers: from European research programmes to ensuring products meet regulatory requirements for doing business on international markets.

These success stories prove the worth of Actia's network - from an individual and a collective point of view - in promoting innovation and competitiveness, in particular for SMEs. By facilitating synergies in know-how and exploiting the complementary qualities of its constituent parts, this research, development, technology transfer and support network is unique in the French and European food industry: its success is based on the concept of "being together and being oneself".