The creators
The Actia Nutriprevius network features stakeholders from the Actia centres, from research and from higher education, working on the theme of improving nutritional quality for more sustainable food solutions.
Why this tool?
Optinut is a tool designed by the Actia Nutriprevius network to enable food manufacturers to easily improve their products’ Nutri-Score® by optimising their recipes from a nutritional standpoint thanks to linear programming.
It is useful for the experimental design phase.
How should I use it?

Products’ Nutri-score® can be improved by changing one nutrient profile (OPTI tabs using linear programming) as well as by changing several nutrients simultaneously (other mathematical functions not available in Excel).
The tool allows users to include constraints regarding the quantities of ingredients, their nutrient content and the price of ingredients in order to quickly identify new recipes that take these constraints into account thanks to the “Solver” linear programming function in Excel. Other constraints related to reformulation thresholds set by ANSES can also be included, such as nutritional claim thresholds, etc.
This tool cannot be used with cheeses, added fats, or beverages.

How can I get it?

Optinut is now available to everyone for free to help companies with the nutritional formulation of their products.

To download it, click on the image below.




If Optinut helped you improve the nutritional composition of your products, then let other people know about it! “Improved recipe thanks to Optinut, developed by the Actia Nutriprevius network”.