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Actalia: © C.Adam / Cniel, Coulommiers
Adiv: © Daniel Mettoudi, cutting in winter (duck breast)
Adria Développement: © Daniel Mettoudi, bowl of ham salad
Adria Normandie: © Daniel Mettoudi, Thai rice and prawns in wok
Aérial: © Aérial, kneaded 2
Agria Lorraine: © Actia, Anne-Lise Dermenghem, cherry plums, 2009
Aquimer: © Actia, Anne-Lise Dermenghem, bass, 2009
Ariatt: © Actia, Anne-Lise Dermenghem, glass of milk, 2009
Arvalis: © Actia, Anne-Lise Dermenghem, bread, 2009
BNIC: 663 © BNIC, Gérard Martron, glass of Cognac
Casimir: © Casimir, yoghurt pot test
Cervia: © Daniel Mettoudi, completely green mixture
Céva: © Céva, Jania Rubens, 2005
CEVPM: © Actia, Anne-Lise Dermenghem, mackerel tail, 2009
CRITT Poitou-Charentes: Galina Barskaya, young girl eating an apple, 2007

CRITT Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur: © Actia, Anne-Lise Dermenghem, stripy aubergines, 2009
CTCPA: © CTCPA, Mathieu Prier, jar of vegetables
CVG: stainless steel tanks, public domain
IFBM: beer, public domain
Ifip: © Daniel Mettoudi, slice of Parma ham
IFPC: © Actia, Anne-Lise Dermenghem, apple, 2009
IFV: grape, public domain
Iterg: © Daniel Mettoudi, oil
LNE: © LNE, freezer bag test

© Actia, Anne-Lise Dermenghem, market, 1987

© Actia, Anne-Lise Dermenghem, ocean, 2009

© Isabelle Rozenbaum, PhotoAlto, egg yolk and sugar


© B. Baudin, Bar Floréal, Cedus