Centre de valorisation des glucides et produits naturels

Managing director

Thierry Stadler


33 avenue Paul-Claudel
80480 Dury 
Tél. :  03 22 33 75 00
Fax : 03 22 33 75 01


Chemical specialties
Flavouring and ingredients
Pet food
All forms of intermediate and finished products


Valorisation of the plant biomass
Green chemistry (reactive extrusion, subcritical mediums)
Process engineering
Fractioning / purification


For more than 30 years, the CVG has made available a unique tool in the country which provides a structure that wants to innovate, diversify or solve a specific problem with access to a set of services and skills ranging from concept validation to marketing innovating products.
Innovating project management and studies
Support for innovation projects, expertise on markets, personalised strategy consulting, financial preparation for programmes.
Research and development under contract
Technical and economic feasibility studies on all types of plant raw materials, by-products or fractions, and in terms of extraction, purification and chemical or enzymatic modification of plant biomass.
Industrial transfers, putting on the market, defining industrial tools
The size of the equipment at CVG allows us to perform the extrapolations that are needed to produce pre-series, intended for validating target markets (new food ingredients, active ingredients in cosmetics, parapharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals or fine chemistry). The production campaign possibility also makes it possible to validate the industrial cost prices and the overall robustness of a chain of unitary processes, before the final definition of a production workshop.
Forming specialty products
Active substances and ingredients, extracts, nutraceuticals (extraction / purification, drying, extrusion).


Food technology institute (ITAI).
Technological ressource centre (CRT).
Research structure under contract (SRC)
Approved for research tax credit.
Accredited training organisation (Approval no.:
ISO 9001 Certification for all of the activities at CVG (studies, research & development, transfers).


Cosic (Strategic orientation committee on chemical industries).
General directorate of customs and indirect rights.
BPI France.


The CVG site is equipped with a main hall devoted to fractioning and to the "dry route" process, as well as Atex extensions (solvent purification and fast pyrolysis).
The analytical and pilot equipment make it possible to work on all of the unitary operations in fractioning, purification, chemical and enzymatic modification of molecules and plant constituents, on a scale ranging from the gram to several tonnes for transfer operations and industrial validation.
The site also has the required utilities (steam, softened water, osmosed water) in order to work on all of the process parameters in actual industrial conditions.


Business developer
Technical & economic studies, project manager 
Deputy Managing Director
Chief scientist
Laboratory and analysis

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European projects

Scientific partnerships

University of Picardie Jules-Verne (UMR 6219 carbohydrate laboratory)
Technological University of Compiègne (UMR 6022 enzymatic and cellular engineering)
Lassalle Beauvais Institute (chemistry department)
School of organic and mineral chemistry
University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne
Institut national polytechnique of Lorraine (study and research laboratory on wood materials)
Insa Toulouse
École centrale of Paris (engineering laboratory of processes and materials)
École nationale supérieure des mines of Paris (process and energy centre)

Project examples

Axos DF3 project: obtaining soluble pre-biotic food fibres via enzymatic hydrolysis of by-products in the wheat sector.

Demonstration of the energy potential of vinasses from wheat ethanol plants via thermochemical treatment (Pyrobio energy+ project).

2nd generation biofuels: obtaining new fermentation substrates via reactive extrusion of the plant biomass.

Development of a lectin production process for cosmetics purposes (collaboration with Lucas Meyer Cosmétiques).