Managing director

Norbert Benamou


3 rue Joseph-et-Marie-Hackin
75116 Paris 
Tél. :  01 44 31 10 00


Christine Bar, Quality & development department manager


Grain industries (small grain cereals and maize), potatoes, linen fabric, tobacco, and fodder.


- Bespoke experiments for storing and adding value to human food and (monogastric) animal feed.
- Equipment testing, analysis of the quality of raw materials, and development of analytical methods.
- Tests on equipment and products for storing grain and potatoes.
- Development of infrared calibration and testing of rapid analysis equipment.
- Provision of a multi-year bank of listed samples.
- The Ventilis platform, designed to help storage companies and farmers with on-site storage manage ventilation and storage (Ventilis-agri, Ventilis-diagnostic, and Ventilis-audit tools).
- Tools for automating the ventilation and cooling of grain for on-farm storage (Sec-Lis).
- Automatic sampling tool (Échanti-Lis).
- Diagnostic tool for analysing the risk of damage to potatoes on packing lines (Muni-Lis).
- Audits of potato storage buildings (Tuiti-Lis).
- Forecasting the risk of mycotoxins in wheat at the level of the individual field and in collection areas before harvesting (Myco-Lis).
- Tool for pre-harvest yield and quality forecasts at the level of a collection area (Recolt-Lis).
- Bespoke or standardised training.