Managing director

Norbert Benamou


3 rue Joseph-et-Marie-Hackin
75116 Paris 
Tél. :  01 44 31 10 00


Christine Bar, Quality & development department manager


Grain industries (small grain cereals and maize), potatoes, linseed, tobacco, and fodder.


Contract-based applied research, including field trials.
Analysis and testing of the technological quality and safety of grains and tubers (in the field and in the laboratory).
Equipment testing: Dryers, storage facilities, etc.
Development of methods, calibration and testing of rapid analysis equipment.
Diagnostics of grain and tuber storage facilities.
Diagnostic service for on-farm storage facilities (Odisilo).
Tool for automated ventilation and cooling of grain, for on-farm storage (Sec-LIS).
Automatic sampling (Echanti-LIS).
Quality-driven maize drying operations (Maïs-LIS).
Damage risk assessment for potato packing lines (Muni-LIS).
Mycotoxin risk assessment per plot and for the pre-harvest collection area, in the case of wheat (Myco-LIS).
Standard or bespoke training.