IPC Clermont-Ferrand

Managing director

Luc Uytterhaeghe


2 rue Michel-Renaud, Biopole Clermont-Limagne
63360 Saint-Beauzire 
Tél. :  04 43 98 01 62


Colette Breysse, Managing Director


All industrial sectors processing or using plastics:
-food, cosmetic and pharmaceutic product packaging,
-industrial processes.


Services offered by IPC include amongst others analysis, R&D and training.

Sanitary safety linked to materials in contact with food and other contents (analysis and tests, prediction, modelling).
Aging studies and material/packaging life cycles
Sensory analysis and search for volatile compounds (sensorial inertia, off flavours, COV).
Conception and simulation of pieces and packaging.
Characterisation of plastic materials and packaging (composition, functionality, permeability…).
Development and study of packaging processing.
Eco conception and environmental study, recyclability of plastic materials.
Regulatory and technology surveys.
Trainings (functional specifications, food contact, Eco conception…).