Rittmo agroenvironnement

Managing director

Laure Thévenin-Metzger


Z.A. Biopôle, 37 rue de Herrlisheim
68025 Colmar 
Tél. :  03 89 80 47 00


Djénéba Karambiri, Communication manager
Laure Thévenin-Metzger, Managing Director


Agro-environmental research, processing and upgrading organic waste, the efficiency and environmental impact of fertiliser, organic matter in soil.


Rittmo Agroenvironnement® is a private research centre founded in 2001 and specialising in the field of fertilisers, bio inputs and agro-environmental research. It was based on an innovative idea, namely recycling organic matter from by-products and co-products intelligently to create fertilisers that are beneficial for plants and soil in the context of a sustainable circular economy. Rittmo is convinced that these actions can help to reduce the carbon footprint of human activities and passionately supports the development of fertilisers, biocontrol products and farming practices that help to protect the environment and soil. The research centre boasts a dynamic team of researchers, engineers and technicians committed to providing services such as:
- R&D&I on new fertilisers: biomass processing, the production of energy from biomass, the optimisation of fertiliser production processes, the agronomic characterisation of the effectiveness and innocuity of fertilisers, their impact on soil, etc.
- Regulatory expertise on how to obtain market authorisations for fertilisers, bio-stimulants, etc.
- Bespoke training on these subject.