Managing director

Fabrice Putier


2 impasse Thérèse-Bertrand-Fontaine, C.S. 32336
44323 Nantes Cedex 03
Tél. :  02 72 74 90 92



Technical centre for the feed industry, Tecaliman has brought together manufacturers of feed, manufacturers of equipment and raw materials and foreign members, for more than 30 years now.


Tecaliman intervenes in the control of processes: transferring powders, grinding, mixing, granulation, drying-cooling, transportation with clean means adapted in a pilot workshop (mixers, grinders, granulation press, etc.), as well as on industrial sites to a large degree.
The centre is a training institute and performs services on controlling processes: bacterial decontamination, cross-contamination, homogeneity of mixtures of powders, expertise concerning industrial sites. Tecaliman has recognised skills in managing energy and the environment following many energy audits, more than 20-year old benchmarking in its sector, measuring campaigns, applying the energy environment plan, as well as applying the Bilan Carbone© to its industry.
Tecaliman co-runs Actia's "Sustainable management of fluids" RMT, is a sponsor of the European "Motor challenge" programme and a member of the "European Feed Technological Centre".