Critt agro-alimentaire La Rochelle

Critt agro-alimentaire et biotechnologies Poitou-Charentes

Managing director

Philippe Boiron


Z.A. Technocéan, 1 rue Marie-Aline-Dusseau, Chef de Baie
17000 La Rochelle 
Tél. :  33 (0)5 46 44 84 75


Philippe Boiron, Managing Director
Frédéric Chevallier, Food quality and safety
Émilie Dore, R&D, innovation products & process
Thomas Dupont, Chef de projet économie circulaire
Jean-Michel Leboissetier, Industrial performance & Processes
Lucile Royer, Nutrition-Health, Regulatory affairs


Food industries, all sectors.
Specificities in health food, health nutrition.


Support for food companies in their approaches to innovation, carrying out new industrial projects and in incorporating new technologies.

Assistance in project coordination.