Critt en agro-alimentaire de Haute-Normandie

Managing director

Nadine Picard


55 rue Saint-Germain, bâtiment CSSN
27000 Évreux 
Tél. :  02 32 39 49 66



General activity in the food sector: cooked dishes, beverages, sugar products, meat, milk, fruits and vegetables.


Studies on innovative technologies for decontamination (pulsed light).
Formulation of beverages (sodas, energy drinks, alcoholic drinks, formulation of plant extracts, etc.).
Validation of Use-by dates/best-before dates.
Services, consulting, training and audit in the field of quality
(accreditation file, IFS and ISO 22000 reference standards).
Nutritional valorisation of food products (nutritional diagnostic).
Optimisation of industrial performance (diagnostics, problem solving methods, 5S).
Technological tests (conventional thermal treatments, microwaves, infrared, cryogenic or mechanical deep freezing, microfiltration, homogenisation).