Critt en agro-alimentaire de Haute-Normandie

Managing director

Nadine Picard


55 rue Saint-Germain, bâtiment CSSN
27000 Évreux 
Tél. :  02 32 39 49 66


Ségolène Depayras, Project Manager & development
Nadine Picard, Managing Director


Activities in hygiene, microbiology and nutrition for the food industry: ready-made meals, beverages, sweet products, animal products, fruit and vegetables.


Studies on innovative decontamination technologies:
pulsed light, UV-C.

Proof of concept with the help of a pilot UHT laboratory.

Formulation of food products including beverages (sodas, energy drinks, infusions, alcoholic drinks, formulation of plant extracts, etc.).

Approval of BBD/DMD.

Consulting, training and auditing in the fields of quality and hygiene (accreditation applications, IFS, ISO, and HACCP standards).

Tool for the nutritional optimisation of food products (Optinut).

Technological trials (thermal treatment, quick freezing, etc.).

Product characterisation using equipment: rheometer/viscometer, colorimeter, texturometer, etc.