Pôle agro-alimentaire régional de Martinique

Managing director

Katia Rochefort


Impasse Petit-Morne n°375
97232 Lamentin Martinique 
Tél. :  05 96 42 12 78
Fax : 05 96 42 12 92


Katia Rochefort, Managing Director


Fruits and vegetables, tropical starchy foods
Sea food and meat products
Cooked dishes and condiments
Bakery, pastries


Development and optimisation of products and processes.
Making pilot equipment available (technological tests and pre-production).
Individual or group quality assistance (food hygiene, HACCP, health control plan).
Technological consulting: developing specifications (equipment, products, processes, workshop), production diagnosis, technology transfer.
Sensory evaluation: consumer tests and sensory profiles.
Microbiological and physical-chemical analyses, validating use-by and best-before date.
Nutritional analyses.