Bretagne Biotechnologie Végétale

Managing director

Serge Mabeau


1040 Penn-ar-prat
29250 Saint-Pol-de-Léon 
Tél. :  02 98 29 06 44


Serge Mabeau, Managing Director


Fruits and vegetables


Sensory evaluation on fruits and vegetables
Identifying the sensory specificities and product positioning
in relation to a reference or products from the competition.
Evaluating the influence of pre- and post-harvest parameters (choice of varieties, culture conditions, preservation conditions, etc.) on sensory quality.
Monitoring the changes in the quality of the product during storage.
Consulting for valorisation and pertinent nutritional communication
Nutritional diagnosis.
Setting up nutritional labelling and assistance with positioning.
Studying the sources of variation in nutritional quality aimed at better control and optimisation.
Metering compounds with a nutritional interest (glucosinolates, inulin).
Quality of raw materials
Identifying plants (species, variety) and pathogenic contaminants by genetic footprint.