Managing director

Serge Mabeau


1040 Penn-ar-prat
29250 Saint-Pol-de-Léon 
Tél. :  02 98 29 06 44


Marie Turner, Responsable R&D du pôle qualité santé des plantes


Agricultural production; Origination; Seeds and plants; Biosolutions (biocontrol, biostimulation); Food processing; Distribution; Fruit and vegetables.


Evaluation of organoleptic and nutritional quality
Identification of the main organoleptic and nutritional benefits of vegetables.
Advice for promoting the nutritional quality of products in accordance with European regulations.
Improving product quality: optimisation of growing, storage and cooking conditions.
Dosage of nutritional compounds: glucosinolates, inulin, S-alkyl-cysteine sulphoxide, volatile compounds, etc.

Traceability and food safety
Use of genetic footprints to allow crop traceability and quality controls on the safety of raw materials.

Support with varietal creation
Development and provision of tools for breeders; from biotechnologies (genotyping and in vitro culture) to phenotyping in controlled conditions.

Evaluation of biosolutions
Evaluation of the effectiveness and the mode of action of biocontrol products and biostimulants in controlled conditions.

Monitoring and documentation
Bespoke business intelligence on food science and technology.