Critt agroalimentaire Sud (Paca)

Managing director

Cyril Bertrand


Cité de l’alimentation, 100 rue Pierre-Bayle, B.P. 11548
84140 Montfavet 
Tél. :  04 90 31 55 08


Claire Combre, Environment
Yvan Deloche, Environment
Audrey Lesturgeon, Nutrition, labelling & Bio products
Catherine Levesque, Food safety
Estelle Marin, CSR & eco-design
Benoît Mus, Industrial performance
Sylvie Perret, Food safety
Caroline Rouveyrol, R&D, innovation & nutrition


Food industry (all sectors and all products).
Expertise: Industrial efficiency and organisation, food safety, nutritional quality, reducing environmental impact (water, energy, waste, etc.), carbon footprint, organic food, corporate social responsibility.


Customised corporate consulting: Diagnostics, drafting and monitoring action plans, project monitoring, etc.

Training (internal or external) and collective action (clubs for sharing experiences, seminars, etc.)

Market intelligence and technology transfer: answers to technical questions, finding partners, help preparing applications for financial subsidies; technological and regulatory intelligence.

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