Critt agroalimentaire Sud (Paca)

Managing director

Cyril Bertrand


Cité de l’alimentation, 100 rue Pierre-Bayle, B.P. 11548
84140 Montfavet 
Tél. :  04 90 31 55 08


Claire Combre, Environment
Yvan Deloche, Environment
Audrey Lesturgeon, Nutrition, labelling & Bio products
Catherine Levesque, Food safety
Estelle Marin, CSR & eco-design
Benoît Mus, Industrial performance
Sylvie Perret, Food safety
Caroline Rouveyrol, R&D, innovation & nutrition


All food products and sectors.


Support for individual projects (improving processes, setting up hygiene standards, reducing energy consumption, nutritional labelling...).

Customised group training (intra or inter).

Consulting interface (contacting, preparing financial assistance dossiers).

Technological survey and information relay.

Collective actions.