Union nationale des distillateurs d’alcool

Managing director


174, boulevard Camélinat
92247 Malakoff Cedex
Tél. :  01 49 65 08 08



Technical centre for producers of agricultural alcohol via distillation (beets, cereals, wines, sugarcane) for fuel, industrial, pharmaceutical or food use.


Engineering in the product of ethanol encompassing all of the production steps from fermentation to controlling the quality of the finished products.
Controlling energy consumption: assessment and optimisation.
Controlling industrial risks: fire, explosion, etc.
Training (accredited body) in fermentation, distillation, etc.
Environment: development of a Bilan Carbone© that is specific to the field, VOC impact study.
Safety: specific to the sector, regulatory survey, hazardous material transport, etc.

Analysis of the products and by-products of the sector. Quality and regulatory control of products coming from distilleries. UNGDA is the only French laboratory that is accredited for all of the analyses that concern ethanol (neutral spirit). Developing specific analyses for ethanol fuel (E5-E10 and E85).