Association pour le développement de la recherche appliquée aux industries agro-alimentaires des régions du Nord

Managing director

Christine Chèné


Rue Jacquart, Z.I. Est-Arras
62217 Tilloy-lès-Mofflaines 
Tél. :  03 21 24 81 03


Lucille Fédry, Chargée d'affaires


Ready-made meals
Processed fruit & vegetables
Sweet and grain-based products
Vegetarian products
Semi-processed food


Assistance moving projects from the recipe stage to industrial scale-up through crosscutting expertise in the rational formulation of food products.

Monitoring ingredients markets to maintain up-to-date sourcing databases.

A 10-person team that uses analytical (physical, chemical, and sensory) tools and pilot production facilities (plants for small-scale production runs with all health and organic authorisations accreditations).