Association pour le développement de la recherche appliquée aux industries agro-alimentaires des régions du Nord

Managing director

Christine Chèné


Rue Jacquart, Z.I. Est-Arras
62217 Tilloy-lès-Mofflaines 
Tél. :  03 21 24 81 03


Processed fruit and vegetables
Grain-based products/sweet products
Egg, meat and milk alternatives
Ready-made meals, sauces/meat-based products
Ingredients and intermediary food products


Formulation raisonnée des aliments
Naturalité, qualité nutritionnelle, durée de vie
Transfert industriel


R&D support
Development and optimisation of recipes, packaging production processes, shelf life testing.
Production and scale-up
Prototyping, scale-up, pre-production runs, market trials.
Inter-company training programmes (quality, formulation, nutrition, processes).
Customised training programmes (quality, food safety, formulation, etc.).
Quality consulting
Support for companies in the implementation of food safety management plans (GHP, cleaning and disinfection plans, etc.), organic accreditation or private certifications (IFS, BRC, ISO).
Food safety management, labelling.
Physical, chemical and sensory analysis.


Food technology institute (ITAI).
Technological resources centre (CRT).
Qualiopi certification.


Integrated food formulation
Naturalness, nutritional quality, shelf life
Preproduction runs
Technology transfer


Bespoke, organic- and food safety-accredited facilities for pre-production runs and contract manufacturing. Fully modular production facilities that can be adapted to the needs of food processing companies.
Pilot R&D lab for formulation trials and developing the first product trials.
Sensory evaluation laboratory for conducting consumer panels in standardised conditions.
Laboratory for physical and chemical analysis, characterisation and other measurements (Aw, pH, rheology, viscosity, colour, ageing trials, etc.).
The Baia sourcing tool: An ingredients database that saves time in the search for ingredients and suppliers.


Business development manager

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Joint technological unit

Joint technological network

European projects

Scientific partnerships

Adrianor conducts public research programs that have enabled it to collaborate with many scientific partners:
With French teams
The Actia Naturalité network, the Actia Nutriprevius network, Inrae, and the University of Artois.
With European teams
The University of Ghent and the University of Liège.

Project examples

Savoury waffles filled with Maroilles (winner of the 2020 Sial innovation award).
High-protein and vegan ice creams.
Savoury Madeleines that can be stored at room temperature.

Technology transfer
Clean-label chocolate spread with a Nutri-Score of A or B
Development of canned or bottled products for the chilled aisle.
Legume-based spreadables free from pasteurised or sterilised additives.
Plant-based burger.

R&D support and scale-up
Egg-free mayonnaise
Organic baby food
Insect-based dog and cat food