Association pour le développement de la recherche appliquée aux industries agro-alimentaires des régions du Nord

Managing director

Christine Chèné


Rue Jacquart, Z.I. Est-Arras
62217 Tilloy-lès-Mofflaines 
Tél. :  03 21 24 81 03


Jérôme Bony, Technical manager, Projects leader
Christine Chèné, Managing Director


Cooked dishes
Processed fruits and vegetables
Prepared meat products
Sugar & Cereals products


Ingredient qualification for food application.
Industrial pre-production (industrial transfer, determining the environmental impact, market test).
Formulation: product/process/packing optimisation; meeting nutritional and organoleptic specifications, validation of the best-before date (DLUO).
Intra-company training: CQP, industrial performance.
Initial training: Masters in the food industry.

Specific resources: pilot factory (cooked dish line, prepared meat products), food additive ingredient survey, accredited food nursery (2 units).