Association pour le développement de la recherche appliquée aux industries agricoles et alimentaires

Managing director

Nadia Le Den


Creac’h Gwen
29196 Quimper Cedex
Tél. :  02 98 10 18 18


Diagnostic industry.
Food industry suppliers:
packaging manufacturers, ingredients manufacturers, equipment suppliers, engineering.


Molecular biology.
Research project engineering.
Formulation and processes.

Packaginig, cluster

Specialists in training engineering.
Consultants, quality auditors and trainers, food safety.
Food law.
Document survey.


Food safety and quality research
Identifying and tracing contamination for production hygiene.
Developing microbiological and molecular analytical tools.
Validating fast microbiological analysis methods.
Determining, validating and optimising use-by date and best-by date (DLC, DLUO).
Predictive microbiology.

Product development research
Optimising process and formulation parameters, texture stabilisation.
Predicting the activity of water and controlling water transfers in food.
Texture stabilisation.

Nutritional approach
Innovation/market relations, valorisation of nutritional properties

Scientifical and technological monitoring

Statutory and packaging monitoring

Catalogue of ninety inter-company training sessions
Personalised training services (food safety, quality, laboratory techniques, technologies and process, formulation, regulations, management, production, etc.)

Consulting and audits
Regulation (club of industrial manufacturers) and technology


Food technology institute (ITAI).
Technology resource centre (CRT).
Cofrac, ISO17025 (microbiology laboratory).
IFS, BRC, ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 auditors.


Afnor, DGAL, MicroVal, AOAC-RI


The centre is equipped with a technology hall which can perform bulking, emulsion, Joule effect heat treatment, microwaves and hot air operations. There are meat processing pilot units (cutting, churning, crushing, smoking) and pastry, baking, ready meal preparation pilot units (heating and thermal treatment). It is also equipped with various analytical laboratories (microbiology, rheology, functional).


Other sites

Numbers of employees


Joint technological unit

Joint technological network

European projects

Scientific partnerships

With French teams
Bretagne occidentale University, Aérial, IPL-Sermha, Actalia, Céva, CNRS, Oniris, AgroCampus Rennes, AgroSup Dijon, Inra, AgroParisTech, Anses, Gis SymPrevius.
With European teams
Ainia (Spain), ESB (Portugal), IFR (United Kingdom), Itap (Greece), CCFRA (United Kingdom, Hungary), CNR ISPA (Italy), NBC (Ireland), NFC (Ireland), Nizo Wageningen University (Netherlands), TNO (Netherlands), Irta (Spain), Lund University (Sweden), Moorepark Food Research Centre-Teagasc (Ireland), RIVM (Pays-Bas), Univerza v Ljubljani (Slovenia), Technical Research Centre of Finland - VTT (Finland)

Project examples

Development of a salt substitute stemming from food seaweed.


Writing of a good practices guide for turkey and poultry products.


Colloquium on food contact materials organized with 100 professionals.


International colloquium: "Spoilers in food" 2013, 150 people.

Spore forming bacteria (diversity and management of the risk with these thermoresistant contaminants).

Operational unit for the Sym’Previus predictive microbiology tool (hosting, development, transfer).
Software that predicts water activity in food (aw designer).%%POPUP_SYMPREVIUS%%


Training in hygiene management: accompaniment of several dozen companies in optimising the food safety system (HACCP, hygiene, certification).


Monitoring tool on the dangers of the food industry : HACCP sentinel.