Association pour le développement de l'institut de la viande

Managing director

Alain Peyron


ZAC du parc industriel des Gravanches, 10 rue Jacqueline-Auriol
63039 Clermont-Ferrand Cedex 2
Tél. :  04 73 98 53 80


Adiv is the French technical centre for the meat sector, including all species with two main missions.
Activities concerning applied research, creating skills and methods, studies of collective interest for professional bodies, grouped companies or public structures.

Services for companies in terms of technology, technical-economy, pre-engineering, environment, nutrition, training and food safety.


Transversal skills for the meat sector (slaughtering, cutting, processing): R&D (technology, process, microbiology...), project engineering.

Process engineering: controlling unitary operations, mechanization-automation-robots, study of the impact of unitary operations on the functional properties and the sensory, microbiological and nutritional qualities.

Controlling the quality and methods for preservation / packaging.

Microbiology, hygiene and safety (microbial ecology, biopreservation, positive bacteriology, determining the shelf-life, preventive control, control plan, etc.).

Environmental studies: treatment and valorisation of by-products, sustainable management of fluids and energies, standardisation, regulations.

Nutrition: effect of production and transformation factors, characterisations (analysis, composition).

Technical assistance in the company.

Technical economic, quality and environmental diagnostics.

Macro and micro-economics.

Machine safety.

Inter- and intra-company professional training.

Product or process image with the consuming citizens.


Adiv offers many services to food companies in the meat sector concerning technology and engineering:
- developing new products and processes;
- evaluating / adapting processes;
- test‐characterisation for packaging;
- developing ferments;
- platform technical tests;
- specific technical assistance on meat products;
- aeraulic diagnostic;
- feasibility and engineering studies and audit on slaughtering/cutting and processing;
- equipment market study.
Adiv also provides on-demand services in food safety audit, HACCP and the environment.


Food technology institute (ITAI).
Contracted research structure (SRC).


Anses (microbiology and nutrition), technical expertise for BPI France, for professional structures and for the support committee for technological research of the Auvergne Region (Cart).


The centre is equipped with a test platform and various workshops, as well as several laboratories specialising in microbiology, molecular biology, chemistry and physics.

A nutritional analysis workshop for meat products, as well as an ageing zone which supplements the equipment.


Managing Director
Technical Manager

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European projects

Scientific partnerships

With French teams
Process engineering: Inra Theix (QuaPa unit), LGCB (Blaise-Pascal University), Ensia, TIMS Federation (UBP, CNRS, Ifma, Irstea).
Technology and quality of meats and meat products: Inra (QuaPa and URH units at Theix).
Nutrition: Inra (URH and UNH units at Theix), University of Auvergne, CRNH, Nutravita.
Environmental engineering: Ensil Limoges, Grese Limoges, Irstea Anthony.
Food safety: Inra (Flec unit at Jouy-en-Josas, microbiology unit at Theix), Anses (Lerqaq unit).
Economics: Inra (Aliss unit at Ivry).
Consumer science: Inra (Aliss unit at Ivry).
Training: Activiandes
Product and process image: University Paris V, Inra (Lereco Laboratory in Nantes).

With international teams
University of Bristol (England), Inta (Argentina), Ghent University and University of Liège (Belgium), CRDA and Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (Canada), Danish Meat Research Institute (Denmark), Irta and Upna (Spain), Agricultural University of Athens (Greece), Hungarian Meat Research Institute (Hungary), Teagasc - The Agriculture and Food Development Authority (Ireland), experimental station at Parma and University of Reggio Emilia (Italy), Matforsk AS, The Norwegian Food Research Institute (Norway)
Agricultural University of Poznan and Institute of Meat Technology (Poland), Taieb Bel Hadj, consultant (Tunisia).

Project examples

Development of mechanized/robot systems for boning and cutting butchery meat.

Developing a continuous drying technology: Osmofood©.

Application of frontal spectroscopy in order to predict the technological qualities of meat.

Development of new products: products for hospitals, UVCI, pre-cooked vacuum-packed meats, nutritional cooked dishes.

Development of a brochette machine that can work with all types of meats and vegetables, including chopped meats.

Development of an automatic machine to turn chitterlings.

Development of an automatic line for metering blood sausage at a constant weight.

Development of aromatic ferments for dry curings.

Development of treatment processes for by-products in terms of food, energy or agronomic valorisation.

Technical support in setting up a professional training centre for food industries in Senegal.

Creation of a professional degree in «Management of meat product development workshops».

Setting up of a nutritional analysis workshop.