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Following on from Actia's Joint Technological Unit, Mécarnéo, whose main focus was on robotics/automation and mechanical/cobotic/exoskeleton assistance for operators, the core focus of ACTIA's Joint Technological Unit, AGROBERGO, is ergonomics. The partners want to help strengthen operational human resources, to improve the attractiveness of certain professions, and to increase efficiency while taking into consideration the societal issues of health and safety, and well-being in the workplace.

In order to do this, it will establish partnerships with ergonomists, offering diagnostic services with the development of the relevant technical solutions. New technologies such as virtual reality for diagnostics and training will be envisaged.

This Joint Technological Unit, located in Clermont-Ferrand, was launched in January 2019.


The Joint Technological Unit will be organised around the central and crosscutting issue of "workplace ergonomics", which will provide a complimentary methodological and technical contribution to work on three themes:
- the development of operational human resources;
- mechatronic assistance to operators;
- mechanics and robotics with the objective of automation.