Institut CBMN (CNRS, université de Bordeaux, INPB)
Lycée agricole de Plombières-Lès-Dijon
Terres Inovia
UMR SayFood (AgroParisTech, Inrae, université Paris-Saclay)
UMR UNH (Inrae, université Clermont Auvergne)


The world's population should reach 8.4 billion people by 2030. This context of strong demographic growth, which coincides with the nutrition transition, is putting new pressure on natural food resources, and in particular on sources of protein, demand for which should grow by more than 40% by 2030.

Launched in January 2020, the challenge of the Actia Prot&in joint technological network is to promote the development of plant-based protein foods and ingredients, putting users at the centre of an open innovation approach. The diversity of solutions must involve the sustainable exploitation of multiple plant-based protein sources, in particular legumes, dried vegetables, and oilseeds. The joint technological network also intends to promote the efficient exploitation of protein sources by providing food processing industries with the most suitable extraction technologies for producing protein ingredients and high-added-value intermediary food products, which are now required to formulate and process the products of the future.


Understanding of plant proteins
Carrying out surveys and inventories to identify the scientific, technical, societal, and regulatory roadblocks that limit the development of innovative plant-based protein products.

Tools for processing plant-based protein
Development of tools for defining viable scenarios for upstream and downstream players, including the selection of materials, extraction, processing, the finished product, and the consumer target.

R&D projects for the development of a wider range of food products
Lifting of the roadblocks surrounding the supply of plant-based protein raw materials, how they are processed to create ingredients, and how they are used in food products aimed at target markets characterised by their societal expectations and nutritional needs.

Federation of industry players and technology transfer
Acquisition of national recognition and representation of the French strategy for the diversification of food supply through the provision of plant-based protein at European level.