Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Gourmand
INP Clermont Auvergne
Institut Pascal
Université Clermont Auvergne


Continuation of Actia's Joint Technological Unit, Agrobergo, which focused on the development of robotic and ergonomic solutions for the agri-food industries, the Joint Technological Unit, Imerviande, places ergonomics, training, and mechatronics innovations at the heart of its work. The partners are willing to participate in the development of new digital training tools for the professionals of the meat industry and also wish to improve the attractiveness of professions in the agri-food sector, and increase performance, while considering health and well-being issues at work.

To achieve these objectives, the UMT will be able to rely on the knowledge and skills of its partners specializing in ergonomics, to carry out diagnostics and to develop technical solutions adapted to the needs of the agri-food sectors. The development of control tools, or decision-making tools, based on technologies related to artificial intelligence will also be a major R&D thematic.

This Joint Technological Unit, located in Clermont-Ferrand, started in January 2024 for a period of five years.


The Joint Technological Unit is structured around 3 “uses” axes which are supplied in terms of methodology and technical means by 4 “support” axes:

- Axis U1: Training and learning
- Axis U2: Development and feasibility of new automated systems and processes
- Axis U3: Design of workstations

- Axis T1: XR Technologies (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality)
- Axis T2: AI technologies (Artificial intelligence / Neural networks / Deep learning)
- Axis T3: Mechatronic technologies (Exoskeleton / Cobotics / Robotics / Digital twins)
- Axis T4: Ergonomics, safety, and performance