Institut des corps gras

Managing director

Denis Chereau


11 rue Gaspard-Monge, Z.A. Pessac-Canéjan, C.S. 20428
33610 Canéjan 
Tél. :  05 56 36 00 44


Fat, vegetable oils, oils & minor compounds by-products.


Expertise and analytical development on vegetable oils, animal fats and milkfat in original state or formulated (composition, spoilage, adulteration, contamination).
Nutrition, health and lipids biochemistry.
Technological survey and training specialised in fats.
Environment and eco-industry.
Oleochemistry/green chemistry.
Process : pressing, refining.


Detailed profiling of fats, research of contaminants, measurement of spoilage and oxidation stability, formulation of fats, biochemical and sensory analyses.
Nutritional study, bioavailability, nutritional diagnosis of a product.
Regulatory context, nutrition claims.
Extraction, refining (virgin, organic, and exotic low-tonnage oils), processing and synthesis.
Audits (technological, quality, environment) and technical assistance (analysis, nutrition, processes, equipments, etc.).
On-going training and technological survey.


Food technology institute (ITAI).
Technological resources centre (CRT).
Cofrac (French accreditation committee) (programme 82 and programme 133) in accordance with standard NF EN ISO / CEI 17 025, under number 1-0171.
Certification NF EN ISO 9001:2015.
International Olive Oil Council (IOOC) agreement.
Refining workshop on biological raw materials, controlled by Écocert Greenlife under Écocert or Cosmos reference standard.


Anses, specialised expert committee “Additives, flavours and processing aids”.
Afnor, fat commission, Codex Alimentarius, fat committee.
ANR, Alia (Alimentation et industries alimentaires - Food and Food Industries) evaluation committee.
CEN, TC 307 cereals and fat commission and JWG TC 19/TC 307 commission.
IOOC (International Olive Oil Council), sensory analysis commission and physico-chemical analysis commission.
DGAL (Food Directorate General), lipids working group.
FFAS (French Found for Food and Health)


Platform of chemical, physico-chemical, biological analysis and sensory analysis laboratories.

Platform of oleochemistry (vegetable chemistry based on lipids).

Technological platform on pression and refining.



Deputy manager

Other sites

Numbers of employees

90 (Iterg) + 24 (Improve)

Joint technological unit

Joint technological network

European projects

Scientific partnerships

With French teams
Actia Centres, CTI, Inra, oilseed branch (Terres Univia).
Carnot Institute: “3BCAR” : Bioenergy, Biomolecules et Biomaterials and Renewable Carbon.
With European teams
Earto European network, Fediol, EFL, Imace.

Project examples

New analysis methods
Analysis of newly formed compounds in grilled and fried products.
Development of an analysis method for mycotoxins in fats.

Quality of products
Antioxidation of the fat phase and impact on the stability of the product.
Supply and formulation of fat with low saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids content.
Reduction in the fat content of coated products.

Development of products and processes
Extraction and purification of oils with high added value.
Formulation of ready-to-use nutritional products to fight against malnutrition.
Development of a “vegetable” dry sausage formulated by substituting the lard back fat with vegetable fat.