Institut du porc

Managing director

Stéphane Gouault


5 rue Lespagnol
75020 Paris 
Tél. :  01 58 39 39 50


Pork branch
Slaughtering-cutting up
Processing of meat products


Relations between the production conditions and hygienic, technological, nutritional and sensory quality of meats.
Characteristic technologies of parts, raw materials and finished products.
Control of the technological, functional, nutritional and hygiene characteristics of meats and food products.
Support for product and process innovation (formulation, raw materials and technological production conditions for new products).
Continuous updating of the prepared meat products Code of practice, regulatory survey, standardisation, labelling. Management of inter-laboratory comparison networks.
Use-by date, challenge test, predictive microbiology, optimisation of product preservation processes, relations between the characteristics of hygiene and sensory products and shelf life and preservation methods.
Epidemiology and control of contaminants in the pork branch (management of a database on pathogen phenotypes and genotypes).
Biosafety measures in companies, HACCP approaches and control plans. Development of good practice guides for hygiene in slaughtering-cutting up and processing, development contaminant control methods.
Support for slaughtering-cutting up and processing companies (audit and hygiene diagnosis, traceability, support for setting up procedures and specifications, and implementation of quality approaches).
Economic analysis of European and international meat, carcass and part markets, consumption and its determining factors, and organisation of production branches and areas.


Expertise for companies and services on request
Support from HACCP, ISO and IFS approaches (diagnostics, action plans and company monitoring).
Support for companies setting up their health control plan (BPH, plans for microbiological controls, etc.).
Supporting innovation in products and processes
(life cycles, etc.).
Diagnostics of manufacturing accidents.
Genotyping and serological typing of workshop pathogenic flora.
Regulatory information (nutritional labelling of meat-based products, code of practices, etc.).
Customised training.


Food technology institute (ITAI)
Farm technicology institute (ITA)


Member of Anses microbiology expert committee, expert on the European Commission pork management committee.


Bacteriology laboratory

Microbiology P2+ laboratory

Measurement device for the composition of carcasses and parts via imaging.

SymPrevius software (tool for predictive microbiology).

Documentation centre specialising in the meat and processed products sector.


Meat & processed products manager

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Pacé (35)

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Joint technological unit

Joint technological network

European projects

Scientific partnerships

Public research
Inra (Saint-Gilles, Theix, Ivry, Jouy-en-Josas), Anses (Maisons-Alfort, Ploufragan), Irstea (Rennes/Antony).
Actia Network
Adiv, Adria Développement, Actalia, Aérial, Arvalis, CTCPA.
Acta centres
Institut de l'élevage (Livestock Breeding Institute).
Higher education
ENV Maisons-Alfort, Isara, Vetagro Sup.
Competitive cluster: Innoviandes, Valorial.
Acta Joint Technological Unit (UMT): Pork systems engineering.
Acta Joint Technological Network (RMT): Product shelf life, livestock farming and environment.
With international teams
CDPQ and CCSI (Québec), CRPA (Italy), IRTA (Spain).

Project examples

Management of prepared meat products Code of practice.

Developing hygiene good practice guides (GBPH) with professionals and practical implementation.

Multipartner projects, including ANR applications: Quant’HACCP, Génoferment, Na-.

European projects: Q-Pork Chains, Welfare Quality.