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Formulated systems raise questions regarding how they are produced, their microscopic structure, their flow properties, their chemical and physical stability, interactions with a host environment (in the case of injectable or food emulsions), etc.

In response to these questions, the ACTIA FOLIES UMT is offering a research and development programme concerning lipid-based formulas for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and speciality chemicals industries.

These formulas are emulsions, micro-emulsions, foams or colloidal dispersions, which usually combine an aqueous phase and a lipid phase in the presence of amphiphilic species.

This UMT, located in Bordeaux, started its five-year programme in January 2014.


Simplification of formulas to limit the number and content of ingredients.

Replacement of synthetic or oil-based molecules with bio-sourced molecules or supramolecular assemblies.

Formulation of products with innovative features and/or properties.

Enhancement of manufacturing processes to reduce production costs and maintain the functionality of the molecules of interest.