IFV - Gruissan


IFV - Gruissan
Inrae - Pech rouge
L'Institut Agro Montpellier


The winemaking process is a key factor for many experiments on vines and wines and its implementation is essential to assess the quality and the characteristics of wines. The design of a device allowing winemaking for small batches of grapes (1 to 1.5kg) from the pre-fermentation stage to the fermentation in heterogeneous phase should allow:

  • To integrate the potential of winemaking at the earliest stages of plant breeding.
  • To increase and assess the potential and skills of winemaking for existing varieties.
  • To guide the plant breeding.
  • To assess the impact on wine of a large number of genotypes subject to different stresses.
  • To multiply vinifications in repeatable and scalable conditions.
  • To carry out fundamental studies on fermentation in heterogeneous phase.


Study of quick sampling methods for small homogeneous batches of grapes.
Preparation of musts and fermentation
Design of the multi-micro vinifications robot. 
Incorporate the potential of winemaking in plant breeding and the creation of new varieties (in connection with UMT Géno-Vigne®) and understanding of interaction between yeasts and polyphenols during vinifications in heterogeneous phase.