Draaf Lorraine


Improve the knowledge of emerging mycotoxins, particularly the T2 and HT2 toxins that contaminate brewing barley, as well as monitor what happens to them during the manufacturing processes of malt and beer.

The work will make it possible to make recommendations in order to reduce these mycotoxins in the field and during the processing processes of barley into beer.

This UMT is located in Nancy.


Development of analytical tools to identify and quantify the different strains of Fusarium that contaminate barley and in order to quantify the various mycotoxins.

Study of the contamination of barley by the strains of Fusarium in the field and monitoring the production of mycotoxins.

Study of the impact of the viability of the strains of Fusarium during storage.

What happens to mycotoxins during the processes and the impact of the processes.

Biodegradation study of mycotoxins.