Institut polytechnique de Bordeaux
Université de Bordeaux


Develop a wide range of biopolymers (polyurethanes and polyesters in particular) using renewable resources such as vegetable oils. These oils will be modified by oleochemical processes in order to obtain monomer building blocks, of the polyol or polyanhydride (polyacid) type, precursors to biopolymers.

In this approach, non-metallic catalysers, that are environmentally friendly, as well as "clean" synthesis processes will be favoured systematically.

The UMT makes it possible to increase the knowledge and the skills that incorporate concepts in chemistry for the sustainable "green chemistry" development in the biopolymer sector.

This UMT is located in Bordeaux.


Synthesising new polyurethane and polyester materials, for a wide range of applications, using functional precursors, obtained from european plant sources (colza, sunflower).

Use of natural alkaloids as organic catalysers, as a substitute for organometallic catalysers, in synthesising polyurethanes and polyesters.

Develop of green processes that are friendlier to the environment in water (mini-emulsion) and in supercritical CO2.