Actalia Poligny
Enilea (Énil de Mamirolle et Poligny)
Inrae - Poligny


During the first day of cheese production, complex events occur that determine the initial physico-chemical and structural characteristics of the cheese matrix, which are themselves directly responsible for the final sensory characteristics of mature cheeses. It is conceivable that innovations can be made to improve ways of measuring and controlling the key elements behind the cheese-making properties of milk and the potential for sensory quality provided by the raw material and the production process.    

The research carried out by the Technofrom joint technological unit concerns the study of the impact of pre-maturing milk processing practices on the ability to control the quality of marketed cheese.

This joint technological unit, located in Poligny, started its five-year programme in 2011.


The research programme focuses on three areas: The growth and activity of lactic bacteria, the technological production processes, and the development of measurement and control instruments.

The technological scope of the study mainly concerns hard cheese technologies, without excluding the possibility of creating developments in other cheese technologies, in particular soft cheese technologies, insofar as the biological systems used are suitable for hard cheeses.