Inrae - Poligny


Enilea (Énil de Mamirolle et Poligny)


Study the interactions between milk raw materials and the technological parameters, in order to understand their impact in developing quality in processed dairy products. Quality is approached from a sensory characteristic standpoint (flavour, texture, opening, functional properties) and health properties (potential effects of bioactive peptides, probiotic organisms).

This UMT is located in Poligny.


Acquiring knowledge on the mechanisms for interaction between raw materials, microorganisms and technological processes by exploring the agents, i.e. the microorganisms (milk microflora, leavens), non-microbial enzymes, as well as their interactions and the environmental factors (temperature, pH, water activity, redox potential, buffer capacity, etc.).

Developing tools stemming from the modelling and instrumentation making it possible to characterise the products studied over the entire process. These innovative analytical tools, non-invasive if possible, are able to detect and identify the specificities of the interactions (biological markers, microbial and molecular tracers, nutritional markers, etc.) and to provide means for authentication and traceability of the components that explain the quality of the products.

Identifying technological levers aiming to provide control of sensory quality and "health" properties of processed dairy products. These levers will be a source of innovation, which have the potential to be used by the French dairy processing sectors.

Creating a space for exchange with national and regional dairy professionals, in order to transfer and valorise the results of the studies and to improve competitiveness of companies, dairy sectors, technical centres, and the attractiveness of dairy education.