Actalia Poligny


Actalia Poligny
Enilea (Énil de Mamirolle et Poligny)
Femto-ST (CNRS, ENSMM-Supmicrotech, universités de Franche-Comté et Bourgogne FC, UTBM)
Inrae - Poligny


In a context of increased competitiveness, analytical tools and sensors are given to be a key technology of the food sector by the Ministry of Economy. UMT ACTIA FROM'CAPT will give proposals and solutions in the sector of measurement tools related to the needs of milk actors and consumers. The objective is to find new levers of competitiveness while ensuring or improving the qualities of cheeses.

This UMT, located in Poligny, started in 2017 for five years.


Quality of milk
Milk, as the main ingredient in cheeses, is of great importance in the quality of cheeses. It is the link between milk production and cheesemaking and is an important axis for the economic sustainability of the entire milk stream.

Optimization of process
For this field, the objectives are to develop or to use new analytical tools to acquire new knowledge and to study the possibilities of transfer on line. This transfer of analysis from the laboratory to the process should allow an increased reactivity in the control of the process.

Quality of final products
The aim of this axis is to mobilize emerging measurement tools or to develop new tools for better characterization of the final quality of cheeses. This objective is necessary to evaluate finely the impacts of changes in process and to better understand the mechanisms of quality development and thus finally have a better control of the transformation processes.