The objectives of the UMT ACTIA NOVA²CIDRE is to conduct research programs in its area of competence, to deliver results (knowledges, itineraries, tools) to enable the operators of the sector to better respond to the issues they face. The project of UMT NovA²cidre focuses on questions relating to the improvement of the qualities of products, qualities segmented into three components:

  • "Sensory qualities" which combine taste, olfactory and visual perceptions. These qualities are essential because cider is "pleasure" food.
  • "Technological qualities", which contains the properties of fruits, musts and co-products that influence the organization or the profitability of cider processing processes.
  • "Sanitary, nutritional and environmental qualities", which represent both real and supposed risks, supposed nutritional qualities and environmental qualities.


Acquire scientific and technical knowledge, specific to cider production or to exploit knowledge of other sectors (e.g. fermented beverages).
Structuring and integrating the knowledge by adapting it to the real situation of the sector, which requires a good knowledge of raw materials, processes and finished products.
Propose new technological itineraries or improve existing itineraries in order to better master the final qualities of the products. Emphasis will be placed on the transfer of knowledge in order to make applicable and applied the innovations proposed by spreading them through various channels and by training the economic operators of the sector.