Digital TEChnologies as an enabler for a continuous transformation of food safety system


Souad Christieans (Adiv) & Christophe Cotillon (Actia)
Tel. : 33 (0)4 73 98 53 80   33 (0)6 14 08 91 41


Agricultural University of Athens (Greece)


Thirty-three partners including 21 from 10 European countries and 12 from China: Cyprus Republic (Foodal Laboratory, Innews Cyprus LTD, Ministry of Health - SGL), Czech Republic (Wirelessinfo), Denmark (Videometer AS), France (Actia, Adiv), Greece (Agricultural University of Athens, Auth, Centaur, Dimitra, Kotino, Papadopoulos, Theta, Wings ICT Solutions, Yiotis), Ireland (Glanbia, University College Dublin), Italy (University Frederic II of Naples), Netherlands (University of Maastricht), Switzerland (Nemis technologies AG), United Kingdom (Cranfield University).

China (China Agricultural University (CAU), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Fudan University, Inner Mongolia Kerchin Cattle Industry CO LTD Institute of Quality Standards & Testing Technologies for Agro Products (IQSTAP), Nanjing Agricultural University, Shandong Agricultural University, Shandong Animal Husbandry CO LTD, Shangdong New Hope Liuhe LLC, Sichuan University, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute-Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Zhejiang University).

beginning of PROJEcT
November 2020

36 months


Horizon 2020 - SC2 - N° 861915


The European Ditect project aims to facilitate the creation of transparent and reliable national and international food supply chains, thanks to an integrative approach supported by advanced authentication and traceability technologies, usable throughout the whole food chain. To achieve this objective, Ditect will focus on 4 predefined food sectors, namely corn (both as an agricultural food and as a raw material), meat products, the poultry sector (products based on poultry meat) and seafood. For these specific food chains, four pilot projects are planned with the active participation of partners from the EU and China.
The project has several objectives:
1] Explore the needs, preferences, requirement and acceptance of various user groups in the food chain;

2] Implement product-specific food safety models for international food chains, involving several organizations from the EU and China;

3] Federate the different actors of the food value chain and the regulatory authorities of the EU / China;

4] Design and develop the open technological platform Ditect, called the “intelligent” food safety management and management system (iFSMS);

5] Develop the new Ditect framework at the level of the food chain;

6] Make Ditect offers effective and attractive for commercial players while building confidence, guaranteeing lower risk of food hazards, and leading to sustainable transformation of market operations;

7] Demonstrate and validate the efficiency of Ditect through product-specific food safety use-case models;

8] Scale up and communicate the tools developed and the main results of the project in order to contribute to the global market vision of the EU and China.