Christophe Cotillon & Antoine Kieffer (Actia)
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University of Foggia (Italy)


Twenty one partners representing 14 different European Countries :

Austria (Agrarprojektverein), Belgium (University of Ghent, CKA, Innovation Center for Agriculture and Rural Development, Youris), Czech Republic (Wireless Info), Denmark (SEGES), France (Actia), Hungary (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Campden BRI), Ireland (Teagasc), Italy (University of Foggia, Confagricoltura, Tinada), The Netherlands (ZL TO), Poland (Warsaw University of Life Sciences), Serbia (BioSense Institute), Spain (Agro-Food cooperatives of Spain), Sweden (Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering), United Kingdom (Europe for Business, Martin Collison and Associates).

December 2016

36 months


HORIZON 2020 - SC2 - N°728055


SKIN is an ambitious initiative in the domain of Short Food Supply Chain (SFSC), which aims to systematize the existing knowledge, fostering demand-driven innovation, building long-term collaboration among European farmers and cooperatives, facilitate stakeholders engagement and promote innovation through demand-driven research in the short food supply chain domain.

Re-connecting the two extremities of the food supply chain, reconciling producers with citizens, stimulating mutual trust and establishing a short chain based on common values on food, its origin and production method.

A common base, upon which to build a new community characterised by a multi-faced (geographical, ethical and co-operative) proximity between food producers and society. The ultimate objective is to establish of a permanent association of stakeholders, working on the improvement of SFSC’s efficiency for the economic growth of the sector for the benefits of European farmers and citizens.