Christophe Cotillon (Actia)
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Iterg (France),
Actia technical institute


Nine research bodies, four oil and margarine producing industrial partners, of which two are located in Morocco and in Tunisia, and Actia which is responsible for disseminating the results.

September 2006

39 months


FOOD-CT-2005-036318 Strep (projet d’action spécifique ciblée)


The ambition of Optim’oils is to better know the content and the preservation of active micronutrients during the various process steps in the production of table vegetable oils.

The strategy of Optim’oils is based on the valorisation of a certain number of micronutrients present in oilseeds, by modifying and optimising the various steps in the processes of processing, from the seed to the obtaining of a refined oil.

The micronutrients studied are phytosterols, tocopherols, phenols, co-enzyme Q10 and phospholipids in soya, rapeseed and sunflower oils.

The four main objectives
Contribute to improving the nutritional condition of the European consumer, via better knowledge and better control of the content in micronutrients of mass consumption table oils.

Acquire knowledge on the bioavailability of antioxidants of lipid and polar lipid micronutrients, as well as their physiological effects on the biomarkers linked to the cardiovascular risk.

Valorise the technological results of the project for the industry, by optimising unitary operations such as grinding, extraction, refining and via a reduction and valorisation of by-products.

Offer an optimised oil with a «Heath oil» positioning, validated through aspects concerning sensory, quality, safety, stability in preservation and acceptable cost for the consumer.

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